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I am using the glossaries package with long style. However I don't want the entries to be so tight one to another.

Minimal code:


    % I use this to prevent a different vertical spacing from x2 to y than from x1 to x2

\newglossaryentry{x1}{name={x1},description={first term}}
\newglossaryentry{x2}{name={x2},description={second term}}
\newglossaryentry{y}{name={y},description={third term}}

test document

How can I increase the vertical space between entries?


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The long style uses the longtable environment and therefore is "governed by the same parameters as that environment" (manual, p. 75). So the following should work (put it immediately before \printglossaries):

\renewcommand*{\arraystretch}{1.2}% default is 1
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The answer from lockstep should do the trick. If you want to see how the styles are defined, have a look in the glossaries folder in your tex-tree.

Looking at a few styles it becomes fairly obvious how to write your own style or how to change certain settings.

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