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I want to use the following footnote:


But the problem is since there are % symbols in the link, it is recognized as a comment. How can I avoid that?

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Isn't it enough to simple escape the % with \ or am I missing something here? That is:

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Just escape it as per jonalv's post or use the \url command from either the url package of better hyperref as shown below:


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Note that you still need to escape % when using \url in another macro. The automatic handling of active characters by \url and \href only works on the top-level. – Michael Ummels Mar 11 '11 at 13:01

If you don't want to escape %, another solution was discussed here.

In short, load hyperref and define a new macro \urlfootnote as follows:


Now, you can type


This will also typeset the URL in typewriter font and make it a link. If you don't want this, replace the definition of \urlfootnote@ by \newcommand\urlfootnote@[1]{\footnote{#1}}.

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