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I use my own solution/workaround to get a table formatted listings of the certificates in my CV.

I don't like the fact that the description of the \cvline is centered, e.g. I have the following code:

\geometry{a4paper,left=2cm,right=1cm, top=2cm, bottom=1.5cm,headheight=21pt} 
\title{Curriculum vitae}              


\cvline{Microsoft}{\begin{tabular}{ l @{\hskip 0.5in} l }
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 & Sep 19, 2011\\
 Microsoft Word 2010 Expert & Sep 14, 2011\\
 Microsoft Access 2010 & Sep 05, 2011\\
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 & Aug 29, 2011 \\
 Microsoft Excel 2010 Expert & Aug 09, 2011\\
 Microsoft Excel 2010 & Jul 14, 2011\\
 Microsoft Office Master Specialist & Sep 14, 2011\\
NAV 2009 Trade \& Inventory & Mar 22, 2012\\
NAV 2009 Manufacturing & Mar 14, 2012\\
NAV 2009 Core Setup and Finance & Mar 08, 2012\\
NAV 2009 Installation \& Configuaration & Oct 04, 2011\\
\cvline{SAP}{Terp10 SAP ERP}


This gives the following output: t1

But I do not like that the "Microsoft" is vertically centered. So I want to have the Microsoft on the same level as the first Microsoft certification. How can I get this? So that it is on the level with the sharepoint certification?

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\cvline{Microsoft}{\begin{tabular}[t]{ l @{\hskip 0.5in} l }
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THANKS a lot for this nice and short solution! I accept your answer in 7 minutes. – Jen Bohold Sep 15 '13 at 10:52

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