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I'm using ClassicThesis v.4.1. for my Thesis. The thesis should be published in B5 size.

How do I adapt classicthesis (A4) to B5? I have tried

\usepackage[a4paper,layout=b5paper,twoside,layouthoffset=17mm,layoutvoffset=23.5mm, showcrop]{geometry}

It gives me A4 paper with cropmargins for B5 paper. When cropped, margins are marginal and the footer and header are cropped out.

What I really would like it to be is to have B5paper with reasonable font size and reasonable margins.

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I agree that the question is the same. Nevertheless, the answer didn't help me as it results in situation that I've described above. Any suggestions? – SantaClaus Sep 15 '13 at 16:59

Geometry needs two arguments for b5-paper:

  • the first option has to be b5paper to specify the actual paper format

  • the second option (layout) has to be b5paper as well, as it is used to calculate the lengths for the margins.

So if you write


it should work.

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