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In an earlier question I asked how to display a triple line integral. This was not possible with the earlier package mathpazo which I use, so I would like to switch to pxfonts. This package, if I understand it correctly, contains a set of different fonts of different families, including an extended Palatino that allows me to use the \oiiint command.

My earlier font combination was the standard KOMA Script sans serif font (forgot its name unfortunately) with Palatino as serif font, which fits nicely in my opinion.
How can I achieve the same combination using the scrbook class and the pxfonts package?

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So the question is "How do I switch back to the default serif font from KOMA script?" – Seamus Mar 14 '11 at 17:39
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Besides redefining \sfdefault, as lockstep suggested, the math sans serif font should also be changed. Otherwise it would still be Helvetica.

\( \mathsf{Text} \)
\( \mathsf{Text} \)

cmss with pxfonts

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Thanks, great answer! – Ingo Mar 15 '11 at 18:20

The \sfdefault macro defaults to cmss (Computer Modern Sans Serif) (or lmss in case you use the lmodern package). The pxfonts package redefines \sfdefault to pxss (Helvetica), and this needs to be undone.

EDIT: How did I find out about cmss and pxss? I put \show\sfdefault in the document preamble to display the definition of the \sfdefault macro (first with, then without loading pxfonts).





\chapter{A chapter}


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could you say a little about how to find the code for a particular font like that? Say I wanted to use the sans font that the libertine package loads, how would I find that information? – Seamus Mar 14 '11 at 18:07
@Seamus simply search for redefinitions of \sfdefault $ grep -e "sfdefault" libertine.sty \renewcommand\sfdefault{\biolinum@param}% followed by: grep -e "biolinum@param" libertine.sty delivers the font families: fxb, fxbj, fxbo, fxbjo – Josef Mar 15 '11 at 14:21

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