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I'm trying to decorate a snake path, but I don't get any output using a postaction. Here's the example code.

  \draw [snake=expanding waves, segment amplitude = 1.5cm, segment length = 0.3 cm, postaction={decorate, decoration={random steps,segment length=3pt,amplitude=5pt}}] (0,0) -- (-2,0);

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The postaction is newer drawn. You need to add a draw option to it. On the other hand, I guess that you don't want to draw the main path. In that case, you should change \draw to \path.

    \path [
           snake=expanding waves, segment amplitude = 1.5cm, segment length = 0.3 cm, 
           postaction={draw,decorate, decoration={random steps,segment length=3pt,amplitude=5pt}}
          (0,0) -- (-2,0);



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Thanks, that worked. As a note, I had to change the \draw to a \path in order to achieve the effect I wanted (only the randomized postaction path). – Derek Mar 15 '11 at 23:54

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