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If I use the algorithm2e package together with the linesnumbered option and the classicthesis package, references to a sub sub section are wrong. If I don't use the linesnumbered option, references are correct. Is this a bug? Is there a work-around?

\usepackage[ruled, vlined, linesnumbered]{algorithm2e}  % references NOT OK
%\usepackage[ruled, vlined]{algorithm2e}  % references OK



Wrong reference -> \ref{label}


  i = 1

\subsubsection{Sub Sub Section}

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\label picks up the most recent \@currentlabel that is set. And, in your case, this is the line inside the algorithm when you have linesnumbered activated. If your intent is to have a hyperlink point to the start of the subsection, you either need to insert a \phantomsection and update \@currentlabel to the appropriate counter manually

\def\@currentlabel{\thesubsection}% Update reference text
\phantomsection% Mark hyperref link location
\subsubsection{Sub Sub Section}

or you need to update the counter secnumdepth to actually also have your sub-sub-sections also numbered:

\setcounter{secnumdepth}{3}% Number up to \subsubsection

In the former case, the reference will show 1.0.1 (the value contained within \thesubsection) but point to the sub-sub-section. In the latter case, the reference will be correctly pointing to the sub-sub-section and have the appropriate number.

enter image description here

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Thanks a lot! It's perfect! – user4811 Sep 24 '13 at 5:57

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