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As the date changes in length each day, I find myself manually modifying the hspace distance to the beginning of the signature line every time I generate a document. Can anyone think of a better way to do this -- e.g., perhaps with the signature line beginning a certain distance from the right-hand margin? The signature line needs to be aligned with the three lines of text underneath. Using minipage seems to be overkill, and I thought perhaps a simpler solution may exist -- e.g., \begin-x-inches-from-right-margin.

\hspace*{3in}Respectfully submitted,\\


DATE: ~ \today \hspace*{34mm} By: ~ \makebox[3in]{\hrulefill}


\hspace*{3.5in}Attorney for Respondent,

\hspace*{3.5in}NAME OF LITIGANT
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Don't do this:



use \vspace{something}

\begin-x-inches-from-right-margin. is


Which will put the start of ABC 2in from the right margin. But I didn't understand your layout description enough to suggest how to use it here.

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That works perfectly -- thank you very much -- greatly appreciated !!! :) DATE: ~ \today \hspace*{\fill}\makebox[3in][l]{By: ~ \hrulefill}\hspace*{25mm} – lawlist Sep 25 '13 at 22:06

You could also use the tabbing environment:

    DATE: ~ \today \hspace*{34mm} By: ~ \= \makebox[3in]{\hrulefill}\\
    \> Attorney for Respondent,\\

enter image description here

Short explanation: \= sets a tabulator, with \> you can jump to this tabulator.

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Thank you very much for providing an alternative solution. Greatly appreciated! – lawlist Sep 26 '13 at 16:18

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