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I created a pdf fillable form in LaTex using hyperref text fields, then decided that I wanted to change the font of the whole form, so I tried to use XeTeX with fontspec. Unfortunately, when I do this, some of the TextFields no longer work.

For example, when compiling with XeTeX

   {\cellcolor{light-gray}\textbf{Background}} \\
   \TextField[borderwidth=0,width=16.5cm]{Ideals} \\
   \TextField[borderwidth=0,width=16.5cm]{Flaws} \\

The first multiline box shows up correctly, but the remaining 3 boxes at the bottom don't.

Has anyone encountered this and got it to work correctly?

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Try enclosing the TextField in a minipage with definite dimensions to make sure that the spacing is right. – alfC Mar 19 '14 at 23:45

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