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Consider the following:



  \cs_new_eq:NN \calculate \fp_eval:n


  \rput(!#1 4 div \figurnummer mul #2 4 div \figurnummer mul){\small{$#3$}}

\def\figurnummer{#1 }
\caption{Figure number~$\figurnummer$ with area~$A_{\figurnummer} = \areal$.}






See the figures on \autopageref{appendix}--[the value of $\texttt{\textbackslash pageref\{appendix\}} + \texttt{\textbackslash sider} - 1$].

% Figurerne.


How do I create a counter with the value of

\pageref{appendix} + \sider - 1

? The point is that this value is equal to the page number on the last page.

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have you seen How can I add "page # of ##" on my document? – cmhughes Sep 27 '13 at 17:19
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You can use the lastpage package to get the value of the counter for the last page. There is also the pageslts package, which the documentation for lastpage encourages you to use.

With lastpage, you can refer to the value of the last page using the command

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I guess it should be \getpagerefnumber{LastPage} (requires \usepackage{refcount}) if it's needed inside \calculate; otherwise a run when the reference is not set will produce loads of errors. – egreg Sep 27 '13 at 13:47

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