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Perhaps this is too vague, but I have been so impressed with the results I was able to achieve based on a previous question, that I thought I would ask.

Has anyone used TeX to typeset an exhibition catalogue? I'm looking for some base classes to build a nice layout that can alternate pages with large images and small textual captions, with pages of text with small or no images.

This is an old-style example from 1955. Very classic and typography heavy, with separate image plates. http://www.aucklandartgallery.com/media/166104/cat4.pdf

This is a more modern style and a nice compact design: http://www.aucklandartgallery.com/media/335251/cat69.pdf

Any suggestions or guidance toward a good approach would greatly appreciated.

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It's not necessary to sign your questions (as there is already a box with your username below it) or to begin them with a greeting. – Jubobs Sep 30 '13 at 0:30
look into the geometry package for adjusting page size, layout and orientation mid-document. those catalogs don't look like too big of a typesetting challenge. you just need some totally sweet horizontal rules. – jlovegren Sep 30 '13 at 0:58

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