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Using the hints in this post: Defining a command that accepts multiple but non-determined in total number of parameters, I have a new description defined.

The issue is that when I add enumeration inside of it, I have first pointer(dot) in the wrong position. How can I move the dot to the next line?

enter image description here


  \item #1
  \item[#1] #2



\myitem{Scenario average temperature}{
  \II{Description:}{In this scenario, application developers use to share average
temperature for 100 nodes.  }
  \II{Sequence of functions:}{}
  \II{Environments needed to execute the scenario:}{}
  \II{What triggers the execution and what determines the completion:}{
\item A
\item B

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The fact that the first bullet of nested lists is inlined into the outer list item is a deliberate feature of the latex list implementation. I can't say it's a feature I have ever wanted but still...

  \item[#1]\mbox{}\ignorespaces #2

Is one simple way to avoid it however the What triggers the execution and what determines the completion:} text in your example is wider than the page so the layout is still less than ideal, perhaps you need a list layout that allows the item to linebreak?

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