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I define the following \locallabels{} command to localize labels and references to a certain part of my document

\makeatletter \AtBeginDocument{%
  \let\origref\ref \let\origpageref\pageref \let\origlabel\label
  }} \makeatother

See this thread for a MWE.

However, when I define the following command based on my custom \locallabels,


which I use to reference labels outside a particular locallabels region of my document, why does AucTex region preview, in my non-MWE document, output a DVI that has about 10× more pages with barely any characters on each page? Does this have to do with a preamble-caching issue?


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I think a MWE is in order, since I'm not sure what you mean by "interfere"... –  Werner Oct 3 '13 at 22:07

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