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Working on a project with 4 members, I'd like to align the authors in an "even" way on the title page. I'm thinking a simple 2 by 2 "grid" would likely look best, but I'm having some issues getting it to work.

The current code gives me the three first authors on one line, with the fourth on a separate line.

The titling package seems like it could be used for what I want by encasing the author part in some kind of table, but even just including it gives me the error Argument of \reserved@a has an extra }. As far as I can tell, this error is because of there being images within the \author command (Note that due to a requirement of this particular assignment, the images are needed).

Any help would be appreciated!

\documentclass[11pt, titlepage, a4paper]{article}

    \title{Project report}
    \author{A. Uthor \\YYMMDD-XXXX \\ \includegraphics{photo}
    \and A. Uthor \\YYMMDD-XXXX \\ \includegraphics{photo}
    \and A. Uthor \\YYMMDD-XXXX \\ \includegraphics{photo}
    \and A. Uthor \\YYMMDD-XXXX \\ \includegraphics{photo} }
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Set the authors in a nested tabular to arrange them properly:

enter image description here

\documentclass[11pt, titlepage, a4paper]{article}
\usepackage{graphicx}% http://ctan.org/pkg/graphicx
\title{Project report}
  \authorblock{A. Uthor \\ YYMMDD-XXXX \\ \includegraphics[width=50pt,height=80pt]{example-image-a}} &
  \authorblock{A. Uthor \\ YYMMDD-XXXX \\ \includegraphics[width=50pt,height=80pt]{example-image-b}} \\[\bigskipamount]
  \authorblock{A. Uthor \\ YYMMDD-XXXX \\ \includegraphics[width=50pt,height=80pt]{example-image-c}} &
  \authorblock{A. Uthor \\ YYMMDD-XXXX \\ \includegraphics[width=50pt,height=80pt]{example-image-a}}
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