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I need a dotted or dashed arrow with text like \xrightarrow.

I am aware of the MnSymbol package, but \dashedrightarrow does not allow me to write text on the arrow. Is there a package to accomplish what I want to do?

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The following example uses \dashrightarrow and \dashleftarrow from AMS fonts (package amsfonts):


\newcommand*{\da@rightarrow}{\mathchar"0\hexnumber@\symAMSa 4B }
\newcommand*{\da@leftarrow}{\mathchar"0\hexnumber@\symAMSa 4C }
  % #1: below
  % #2: above
  % #3: arrow left
  % #4: arrow right
  % #5: space left 
  % #6: space right
  % #7: math style 
  \dimen@=\wd0 %
  \ifdim\wd2 >\dimen@
    \dimen@=\wd2 %   
  \count@=2 %


\[ X \xrightarrow{} Y \xrightarrow[\text{below}]{\text{above}} Z \]

\[ X \xdashrightarrow{} Y \xdashrightarrow[\text{below}]{\text{above}} Z \]

\[ X \xleftarrow{} Y \xleftarrow[\text{below}]{\text{above}} Z \]

\[ X \xdashleftarrow{} Y \xdashleftarrow[\text{below}]{\text{above}} Z \]




  • \dashrightarrow and \dashleftarrow are internally composed of the dash \dabar@ and the arrow. This is used to extend the dashes as needed.
  • \mathpalette is needed for size adaptation according to the current math style.
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