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I'm a convinced beamer user, but in my institute they ask me to follow some template (of course prepared with PowerPoint). I would like to mimic it as much as possible with beamer, because otherwise I'm afraid I will have to use PowerPoint. However, I think that setting up beamer would require extensive knowledge of how beamer and pgf work internally, which is something I unfortunately lack right now.

I attach a couple of snapshots of the title and the regular slides with the hope that some expert can give some advice on how to proceed. The image in the top and the logo are images I have, of course. The problem are the blue squares and the lack of sectioning …

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Just another approach:

Take the PowerPoint-pages and save them as pdf. Then you can use the pdf-pages as background in your beamer-presentation.

Then you define the available area for your texts (position of title and text area).

Don't forget to use the correct fonts.

The background can be changed with:

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Ok, I like this pragmatic solution. I had the hope of learning a bit more about pgf, though. I will not mark it as "the" answer for the moment, to see if someone offers a "more beamer-like" approach. – Onturenio Oct 10 '13 at 17:05

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