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I want to plot some functions without marks and reference them in my text - the problem is that in the text there are some random marks and i can't turn them off somehow.

plotl/.style={blue,no marks,ultra thick,domain=-2:2,samples=50},
plotd/.style={red,no marks,ultra thick,domain=-2:2,samples=50}
Text blablbalbal \ref{plot:probH} blablalbalba \ref{plot:probL}\\
    \begin{axis}[width=\textwidth,height= 200pt,legend pos=north east,xlabel = $E_x$, ylabel=$p_x$]
\addplot+[plotl]{0.15*exp(-x/0.5)/(0.5*sinh(4)};\addlegendentry{$T = 0.5$}\label{plot:probL}
\addplot+[plotd]{0.15*exp(-x/4)/(4*sinh(0.5)};\addlegendentry{$T = 4.0$}\label{plot:probH}

enter image description here

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Remove the + after the \addplot. – Jake Oct 12 '13 at 21:04
thanks a lot. you could make an answer out of this (i think the question hasn't been asked before - at least searching didn't yield useful results). – oerpli Oct 12 '13 at 21:14
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Remove the + after \addplot. The + indicates that you want to keep the normal cycle list options (including the markers) active in addition to the plot options which you specify in [...].

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