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I am working on a translation. The original text has marginal notes, and I also need footnotes for commentary. Some of it needs to be tabulated in big two-column tables.

So I use \longtable because

  1. it spreads tables nicely on several pages,
  2. it accommodates footnotes (something table does not).

Problem: \marginpar doesn't work with \longtable, so the marginal notes won't appear when called, but show up the next time you use \marginpar in plain text thus shifting the whole marginal notes. How can I get marginal notes while in a table environment?

Secondary problem: it would be very nice to use footnotes in marginal notes (that would be counted as a normal footnote, and appear at the bottom of the page).

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Ha! I found the solution: it's called \marginnotes an extention on \marginpar. It works with longtable and accomodates footnotes inside margin notes.

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