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I am trying to use BibTeX for references. Here is my code.

\documentclass[11pt, a4paper]{article} 

\title{Draft Project Laser Bubbles}



Blablabla said Nobody ~\cite{Nobody06}.



And mybib.bib in the same folder:

  author = "Nobody Jr",
  title = "My Article",
  year = "2006"

author = "Mr. X", 
Title = {Something Great}, 
publisher = "nob" # "ody"}, 
YEAR = 2005, 

Error message:

This is BibTeX, Version 0.99d (MiKTeX 2.9)
The top-level auxiliary file: Project-PTB-Draft.aux
The style file: plain.bst
Database file #1: mybib.bib
Warning--I didn't find a database entry for "Nobody06"
(There was 1 warning)

I have tried latex bibtex latex latex (it is my Quick Build at the moment). Any ideas? :)

First problem found: mybib.bib was in the wrong folder. facepalm. Put it in the right folder and it still doesn't work. The current error message:

Process started

This is BibTeX, Version 0.99d (MiKTeX 2.9) The top-level auxiliary file: Project-PTB-Draft.aux The style file: plain.bst Database file #1: mybib.bib You're missing an entry type---line 1 of file mybib.bib : @ :

Process exited normally


I fixed it! I deleted the old .bib file and made a new one in texmaker. Then it worked!

I guess an encoding problem or something :)

Thanks guys!

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Hi! Are you calling bibtex mybib or bibtex mytexfile? Because the first way doesn't work, you have to go the second way. – yo' Oct 24 '13 at 12:28
When I do the standard calls (see @tohecz) the MWE compiles without any errors. – Ruben Oct 24 '13 at 12:32
For me the code above compiles without problems (in PDFLaTeX). – Chris Oct 24 '13 at 12:32
@Guido I actually start to doubt that this is the problem. Because the log output from bibtex shows that the call is correct. I more think that PetterTB has a typo his the real document somewhere (for instance mismatched upper/lowercase) – yo' Oct 24 '13 at 12:44
There is an unbalanced brace } in the publisher of the second item, the bibliography command should be just \bibliography{mybib} without the extra {}. Otherwise the posted code compiles fine, just that bibtex warns "Warning--empty journal in Nobody06". – Andrew Swann Oct 24 '13 at 13:00

As tohecz said you have to use the following commands to compile your file:

latex texfile
bibtex texfile
latex texfile
latex texfile
pdflatex texfile

where texfile is your file with LaTeX code. If I run your files with these commands it compiles perfectly.

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This clearly does not answer the question if you analyze it carefully ;) – yo' Oct 24 '13 at 14:27

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