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I recently turned on plugins in vim so that I could use a plugin with Clojure source files. Now the vim LaTeX Suite plugin loads automatically whenever I edit a LaTeX file. Ack! I had my vim environment exactly where I wanted. Didn't need someone else screwing it up. How can I disable the LaTeX Suite plugin (or conditionally enable other plugins while having plugins turned off in general)?

(I'm not even sure where the LaTeX Suite plugin lives on my system. If I did, I'd delete the files. In MacVim 7.3 I don't see anything that looks relevant under /Applications/MacVim.app, and nothing relevant is in my own private vim script directory--I thought that maybe I'd installed it at some point and then forgot about it. Maybe it's compiled into the executable??)


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LaTeX Suite is not built into the executable. To find where it is installed, run the following commands

set verbose=2
runtime ftplugin/tex_latexSuite.vim

This will generate a bunch of lines showing where vim is searching for the file, and then a message

sourcing "...path-to-latexsuite/ftplugin/tex_latexSuite.vim"

Just deleting that file (or renaming it to something not starting with tex_) should be sufficient.

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Excellent. Thanks Aditya. I didn't remember that I had a .vim directory. (For those who prefer to start a graphical vim using a command such as gvim, on a unix system this is useful when using Aditya's suggestion: gvim myfile.tex 2>&1 | more.) – Mars Oct 26 '13 at 21:08

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