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I'm trying to use biblatex and when I compile my document I get an error like the following:


data source C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\par-5061756c\
cache-890efc00b3ca6b775c7d44a325c1349fb2a3a3bd\inc\lib/Biber/LaTeX/recode_data.xml not found in .


data source /var/folders/v2/rld0ls7d2935gkvqv5hfr1x00000gn/T/par-616c616e/
cache-cdd483146f82a9655ce063f848d5139480fbf872/inc/lib/Biber/LaTeX/recode_data.xml not found in .


data source /tmp/par-6963617269756d/cache-f37ab610b7d79b2720a8ee3732849c6821705520
/inc/lib/Biber/LaTeX/recode_data.xml not found in .
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The error you are getting is a well known issue with biber. It creates binaries in a cache folder, and sometimes that can get corrupted. In order to solve the problem, you need to manually delete the cache folders. The name of the cache folder will be something like the following:

  • par-<hex_encoded_username>/cache-*
  • par-<hex_encoded_username>\cache-*

for Linux/OS and Windows respectively. They are located in different places on different platforms:

  • /var/folders/*/*/*/ (OSX, local GUI login shell)
  • /var/tmp/ (OSX (remote ssh login shell), Unix)
  • /tmp/ (Linux)
  • C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp (Windows XP/Cyg- win)
  • C:\Windows\Temp (Windows)
  • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp (Windows 7/8)

You need to delete the relevant cache folders and compile your document again. You can find the location of the cache folder by looking at the .blg file, or by using the command.

biber --cache

On Linux and Mac, this can be combined to delete the offending folder in one command:

rm -rf `biber --cache`

More information can be found on section 4.1 of the biber manual (Section 4.1 Binary Caches - Biber Version 1.7).

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I solve this problem in *NIX systems (linux and MacOX) on the command line with rm -Rf "biber --cache" (sorry, I do not know how to markdown backquotes, so I used " insted). Maybe you want to incorporate this into your answer. –  Michael Kohlhase Feb 14 '14 at 6:17
I am looking into this again and it seems that it is probably related to windows automatic cleanup of Temp data dirs. The problem is that it cleans up things that are not locked and then when you run the next time, the cache unpacking happens again automatically for missing items - however - special files like the recode XML are not unpacked auutomatically again, hence the error. The workaround is still to delete and re-create the cache but I'm looking into potential other workarounds. –  PLK Dec 16 '14 at 18:13
It's unbelievable that this is still a problem in biber 1.9 – one that I encountered twice in the last month without doing any modifications. Since every minor release seems to be taking about a year, I don't expect it to be fixed any soon… :-( –  Harold Cavendish Dec 27 '14 at 11:27
@PLK: this is not just a Windows issue. My OS X install has had this problem for years and I still encounter it once a week or so. –  Kai von Fintel Jan 13 at 17:50
Actually, this is now actively being addressed by the relevant module (PAR::Packer) developers and there is a beta fix out at the moment and so I hope to be able to update biber with this fix soon. –  PLK Jan 26 at 14:00

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