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I am new to LaTeX, and I want to create a command that will display my previous positions formatted appropriately in a resume.

The format I am looking for is this:

02.07.2009 - 02.07.2010           Soft Dev, IVM Corp
                                  Sunset, California, USA

                                  Duties included blah blah,

03.07.2009 - 04.07.2010           Tech Spport, SupOrT inc.
                                  Sunset, California, USA

                                  Responsibilities and duties included blah blah,
                                  blah, and then blah, but somtimes blah and blah,
                                  and MySQL blah and C# and Java blah Python.

where everything on the right should be aligned.

I think I need a command that looks like this:

position(dateFrom, dateTo, position, location)

and then somehow also align the responsibilities/duties section.

Ok here is what I got so far:

\def\position#1-#2 #3@#4{\noindent#1 --- #2: \textbf{#4}, \em{#3}}

which allows me to use it like this:

\position 02.07.2008-02.08.2008 {Software Developer}@{Supre Core Computing Inc.}
\position 22.12.2005-12.01.2007 {Support}@{Telephony  Inc.}

However, I still don't know how to make the position (i.e. software developer) align with the following position (support).

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There are several options here. You can use minipages to define your command, as the following example suggests:





\Position{02.07.2009 --- 02.07.2010}{Soft Dev, IVM Corp Sunset, California, USA\\[0.5em]
Duties included blah blah, blah.}

\Position{03.07.2009 --- 04.07.2010}{Tech Spport, SupOrT inc. Sunset, California, USA\\[0.5em]
 Responsibilities and duties included blah blah, blah, and then blah, but somtimes blah and blah,
 and MySQL blah and C\# and Java blah Python.}


There's a number of classes already designed to typeset CVs, perhaps you would be interested in some of them: Writing applications for a job/CV; I personally recommend you moderncv.

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Could you explain what the second "minipage" does - and why it aligns with the first one? – drozzy Mar 24 '11 at 17:15
@drozzy: The second minipage is used for the labor information; its width is \textwidth minus the width of the first minipage so the whole \textwidth is used. The two minipages align to the top due to the optional argument [t]. – Gonzalo Medina Mar 24 '11 at 17:33
Oh, so it's kind of like floats in css. But how come when we start the third minipage (in the second position) it also does not align with the first two? – drozzy Mar 24 '11 at 17:52
Also why can't you just write \setlength\mylenb{\textwidth-\mylena}, but instead must use \addtolength? – drozzy Mar 24 '11 at 17:54
@drozzy: I don't understand your first question, which third minipage are you talking about? For your second question,if you load the calc package, you can use \setlength\mylenb{\textwidth-\mylena}; without calc, that assignment will produce an error. – Gonzalo Medina Mar 24 '11 at 18:33

There are also some pre-made CV document classes like moderncv. See also this list of packages with the keyword vita.

moderncv has a \cventry command that takes 6 arguments, the first of which is set like you want the date to be. So:

\cventry{2000--2007}{Acme entreprise}{Duties included...}{}{}{}

Would set Acme entreprises in bold and Duties... in italics, with the dates to the left. Check out the template.tex for pointers.

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