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Is there any benchmarking regarding which packages take more to load than others?

Of course I know it depends on the computer you are running and perhaps even your Internet connection if you are loading them "on the fly", but that's why I'm asking for a benchmark... Does anyone has actually taken the time to measure what packages take more to load? Could this be considered a good point to speed up my work?

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What would you do with the result? – Christian Feuersänger Oct 31 '13 at 22:16
I would like to know if, for example, titleps loads faster than fancyhdr – Mario S. E. Oct 31 '13 at 23:05

LaTeX packages are just text files. Once you have them on your computer, all are accesed the same way.

The more a package can do, the more code is involved and hence the file will be bigger. That means as well a longer time to load. On the other hand, packages load other packages to use their functions. Package capt-of has 33 lines of code, most of it commentaries, whereas package siunitx has over a thousand lines of code and requires the whole L3 kernel.

So instead of benchmarking, look at what the package can do and how it is implemented.

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