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I am currently working with GitHub's wiki and I have markdown pages in the wiki that I would like to convert to PDF files. I have a script that uses Kramdown, bash/sed/grep and custom HTML tags for processing the .md file downloaded directly from GitHub and gettting the final PDF through LaTeX.

The only problem I do not really have a solution for is the scaling of images. I am now trying to face it in the following way:

  1. I assume that all images are r = 150dpi.
  2. I get the dimensions in pixels (w,h).
  3. I calculate the width of the image in inches, W = w / r
  4. I set the width of the image "\includegraphics[widht=Win]"

Most of images work, but the following two problems appear:

  1. If the resolution of the image changes, it does not work.
  2. Sometimes, very long blank gaps appear in between text and images.

Is there a simpler solution to this?

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This is an example of the documents that I currently generate automatically: github.com/satnet-project/satnet-main/raw/master/documentation/… – Ricardo Nov 1 '13 at 2:37
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You could try pandoc, which handles the images scaling to some extent, also saving you from writing those bash scripts.

There is also an online service (http://www.cocowrite.com) that translates your markdown file to PDF without requiring you installing all sorts of tools and libraries. Maybe worth having a look.

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