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I'm using a template that I can't/shouldn't modify. This template forces that every time a new paragraph begins, there is an indentation added. In some rare cases this is just looking really ugly and that's why I'd like to avoid this indentation. Is there any way to do this without changing the template?

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I don't see how the indent when starting a paragraph may look ugly. If this happens after some environment, e.g., a math display, just don't leave a blank line. –  egreg Mar 27 '11 at 20:44

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You can avoid the paragraph indention for specific paragraphs with the \noindent macro. If you want to disable it globally you could use \setlength{\parindent}{0pt}. However, I would not recommend changing it globally in your case, because that's effectively changes the template, even if the actual file isn't modified.

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The parkskip package turns off the indentation and adds a little bit of (stretchable) space in between paragraphs. It might be an option if you don't mind the inter-paragraph spacing. To use it, simply add \usepackage{parskip} to your preamble. Martin's last sentence applies to this solution as well, of course.

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