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I am creating a big composite book \documentclass[A4,twocolumn]{book}. I need wrapped floating figures (and tables) over both columns.

I know the enviroment figure*, but the full width of a page is so big. There are a lot of figures with small one-column overlaps - using figure* will result in an enormous increase in the number of pages.

Here How to use wrapfig to span multiple columns I read about using wrapfig to do it, but it isn't an easy way to do it.

Is there some another solution?


Lorem ipsum   Lorem ipsum
et dolorem    et dolorem
amenbat aqu   amenbat aqu
+-----------------+ Lorem 
|                 | ipsum
|      figure     | et dolo-
|                 | rem ame-
+-----------------+ bat Lo-
Lorem ipsum   rem ipsum 
et dolorem    et dolorem 
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AFAIK, wrapfig is the easiest. – Leo Liu Mar 28 '11 at 13:10

Only possible for one column






enter image description here

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