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I recently updated my version of Lyx from 1.6.7 to 2.0.6. I would like to transfer my old keyboard shortcuts to this new version, but I am having difficulty because I was inconsistent with the way that I set them up:

Some were defined in the specified .bind file, but others were modified in the lyx preferences menu.

I found that when importing my old .bind file into this updated version of lyx, it imported the keyboard shortcuts that were in the .bind file, but not those that I had added in the preferences menu.

Does anyone know if these keyboard shortcuts that were added via the preferences menu are stored in another .bind file somewhere in the lyx directory? Has anyone else successfully transferred keyboard shortcuts that had been implimented in the preferences menu?

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On my system a .bind file was created in the user folder of LyX. You can find out where this folder is located by choosing Help --> About LyX, where the path to the User directory is given.

Here (in Kubuntu) the folder is located in ~/.lyx, and there is a file called user.bind in ~/.lyx/bind/.

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