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I am trying to use Matthew J. Miller's cover letter template -

The PDF looks like this; however when I typeset the template at the first instance, I see that the date is misplaced and I am not able to figure out the solution.

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I didn't find any hint in the newlfm documentation about that particular placement for the date; the only available options are left (the default) and right, but none of those will place the date aligned with the \namefrom block; one possible solution would be to use the dateno class option to suppress the date that is automatically included and then, include it manually using the \namefrom block:


and then:

    439 Coordinated Science Laboratory\\
    1308 West Main Street\\
    Urbana, IL 61801
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The handling of the date in that template isn't great. I feel like the document class letter is much better. A nice reference can be found here:


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