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I am using Texmaker 4.0.4 and exported my biblatex.bib from Zotero. My file test.tex:



My biblatex.bib:

    title = {The econometrics of piecewise-linear budget constraints: a survey and exposition of the maximum likelihood method},
    shorttitle = {The econometrics of piecewise-linear budget constraints},
    pages = {317–328},
    journaltitle = {Journal of Business \& Economic Statistics},
    author = {Moffitt, R.},
    date = {1986},
    file = {Google Scholar Linked Page:files/837/Moffitt - 1986 - The econometrics of piecewise-linear budget constr:}

    title = {"Says who" How the source of price information and affect influence perceived price (un) fairness},
    volume = {44},
    issue = {2},
    pages = {261-271},
    journaltitle = {Journal of Marketing Research},
    author = {Campbell, {M.C.}},
    date = {2007},
    file = {Google Scholar Linked Page:files/912/jmkr.44.2.html:text/html}

I am getting an error message with:

! Undefined control sequence.
<to be read again> \edef \blx@tempa {317\x
{FFFD}\x {FFFD}\x {FFFD}328}
l.11 \end

Any idea about how can I solve this problem?

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This happens when you have "strange characters" in your reference. For example, your pages in reference moffitt86 are 317–328 when it should be 317-328 (different dash). Search for fffd on this site) and you'll see similar problems and how they're fixed. All you have to do is replace the faulty hyphen with -. – Werner Nov 12 '13 at 20:15
This is indeed the case. It should be some bug when exporting the file from Zotero. I will do a find and replace through the biblatex.bib. I'm now having another problem with using a different style but I will do another question. Thanks for the quick response. – Emanuel Nov 12 '13 at 20:31
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Note that this is not a Zotero bug, though. You have set the Zotero export charset to utf-8 and an en-dash is a valid utf-8 character.

You can solve this without search & replace by either using \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} as e.g. per Highlight changes in a specific entry of a reference list created with biblatex.

Alternatively, you can set the export charset in Zotero to ISO 8859-1, which will escape en-dashes as {\textendash} (the latter option is not available in the biblatex export from Zotero, only in BibTeX)

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Thanks. The use of \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} solved the issue smoothly. – Emanuel Nov 18 '13 at 13:01

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