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I am looking for a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for PGf/TikZ, where I should be able to draw the diagrams by hand or generate a graph of a function, and the LateX code should be generated.

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it's not really duplicate. most of the answers there are about generic (png, svg, etc.) creation tools (like dia), and not about pgf/tikz generators. – ivo Welch Apr 28 at 0:23
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There are several such avaiable. Wikipedia has a list. Look at the external links at the bottom of the page

Link to Wikipedia

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tried to remove my question edit, but did not see how. should have been a note. the tikz GUIs there rely on a deep windows .net toolchain, except ktikz and it dates to 2012. – ivo Welch Apr 28 at 0:25

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