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I've spent literally all day trying to figure out how to make this work and I'm completely stuck. I'm trying to make something similar to

from this site

and I cannot for the life of me get the bonds between the two rings right. I can get the one on the right okay, but I can't get the one on the left. Furthermore, I can't figure out how to change the "distant bond" lengths so I can offset the back ring correctly so it's all visible. Here is an example of what I have (with the non-essential branches commented out so I could see what the heck is going on). The back ring is only scaled larger so I could see what it was doing. It is ignoring the ?[ringStart] connection in the back ring because it's the 6th bond in a ring of 5. No idea how to massage it to do this and any help would be appreciated.

  -[,,,,line width=2pt](>N?[ringEnd](-NO_2))
  -[,,,,line width=2pt]%N(-NO_2)
  -[,,,,line width=2pt]?[ringTop]
  -[,,,,line width=2pt]%N(-O_2N)
  -[,,,,line width=2pt])

And once the connections are correct, I have no idea how to force the offset to create the perspective either.

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Here's a quick try. It's a bit inflexible since all the bond angles are hard coded...



     -[,,,,line width=2pt]?[b]
     -[,,,,line width=2pt]
     -[,,,,line width=2pt]N(-NO_2)
     -[,,,,line width=2pt]?[a,{<}]
     -[,,,,line width=2pt]


enter image description here

Crossing bonds in chemfig might be useful for further customization...

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