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Using the QTree package, is it possible to add a shape to a node? For example, a square or a circle?

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\Tree [.CP \addsquare{Spec(CP)} [ C^0 [.IP I^0 \adddiam{Comp(IP)} ] ] ]    

enter image description here

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@sduplooy In qtree you can use \qtreeshowframes but I think it's only to get a simple frame (rectangle) – Alain Matthes Apr 2 '11 at 8:30

Although Altermundus' solution works fine, there is a version of qtree designed to work seamlessly with tikz: tikz-qtree, and so it would make more sense to use it for this task. This allows you to easily connect nodes, change node edges and more. Here's an example:

\Tree [.CP [.DP \node(wh){who}; ] 
    [.C\1 [.C \node(c){did}; ]  
        [.\node[draw]{TP}; [.DP Bill ] [.T\1  [.T \node(T){t}; ] 
            [.\node[draw,circle]{VP}; [.V see ] 
                [.DP \node(tr){t};  ]]]]]]
\draw[semithick,->] (tr)..controls +(south west:3) and +(south:3) .. (wh);
\draw[semithick,->] (T)..controls +(south west:2) and +(south:2) .. (c);

tree image

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