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I've modified memoir's glossary format in order for things to look the way I want. I'm pretty happy, except for one thing: I'd like for the page numbers to be clickable links. When the reader clicks, he/she should be taken to the corresponding page. But I cannot get this to work.

Here's what I have:


\chapter{A Chapter}
some text \glossary(g1){g1}{a glossary entry}





\renewcommand*{\glossaryname}{List of Notation} 
\sbox\@tempboxa{#1 \space #2 #3 \makebox[2em]{\hyperpage{#4}}}% 
\par\hangindent 2em 
#1 \hspace{\mylength} #2 #3 \cftdotfill{\@dotsep} \makebox[1em][r]{\hyperpage{#4}}\relax 
#1 \cftdotfill{\@dotsep} \makebox[1em][r]{\hyperpage{#4}}\\ 
#2 #3 

According to the memoir documentation,

\changeglossnumformat{|hyperpage}%% for hyperlinks 

should do the trick, but in my case it doesn't do anything. So instead, I added they \hyperpage around #4, which creates a clickable link for each page number in the glossary, but it doesn't lead to the right page, in fact it leads nowhere (null).

I'm using

makeindex -s basic.gst -o main.gls main.glo

to compile the glossary. I'm on a Mac using TexShop with TeXLive-2010 installed.

BTW, I'm not interested in using any other classes like glossary or nomencl. I've come so far already. I'd just like to get the links to work.

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Welcome to TeX.SX! TeX Live 2010 is quite outdated. –  egreg Dec 3 '13 at 23:56

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