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I'm trying to customize Texmaker to my needs. I use git to version my documents, so I would like to set a user command to git-commit. An editor should then be invoked to receive my commit message.

Normally it would call vim, but that's a command-line editor. When working from Texmaker, it should start a graphical editor, such as gedit. So I thought I'd use the command:

GIT_EDITOR="gedit -w -s" git-commit -a

Now here's the thing: It won't work as a user-command. It simply does nothing. On a hunch I put the same command in the field for DVI viewer. And lo and behold, that works as expected. The external viewer commands can open new X windows, but for some reason the user commands cannot.

I usually know my way around Linux, but I'm not sure about this one. I tried some obvious tricks, like prepending DISPLAY=:0, but to no avail. Some help would be appreciated!

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Guess: may be make Texmaker aware of git or gedit executable bin path in Configure Texmaker-->Commands--> Add to PATH and then User Command may take into effect. Related TeXstudio Q: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/112396/… – texenthusiast Dec 6 '13 at 6:07

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