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The problem I have at the moment is that, after the execution of "Build current file", TeXnicCenter displays a window (named Build output) in which you can read a short description of errors; each of them is "marked" by a white cross in a red disk. I don't see any information on the location of the errors in the text.

How can I find them in a pretty long text-file (more than 1100 lines)?

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With the LaTeX toolbar you can use the "Next Error (F9)" and "Previous Error (Shift+F9)" buttons to jump from one error to the next/previous.

enter image description here

The same goes for jumping between warnings and bad boxes.

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This window is a text window. Every TeX error is marked !. So you can simply inside the window search consequtive !'s. Searching the *.log file is a general solution, independent of an editor used to a work with TeX.

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