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I want to define my own environment, like


That may not make much sense, but it works. How can I do the same with bold font?

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There is no environment tiny. There is a command \tiny. The same can be achieved with \bfseries: \newenvironment{foo}{\bfseries}{} – Marco Daniel Dec 10 '13 at 20:55
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You need to use a "switch", achieved by issuing \bfseries at the start of the environment (say boldenv):

  {\bfseries}% \begin{boldenv}
  {}% \end{boldenv}

The scope of this switch is limited to the environment, since \begin{boldenv} ... \end{boldenv} naturally forms a group. Also, italicized text inside this environment will inherit the bold switch (for example, if you use \textit{<stuff>}). To avoid this, you'd have to restore the font using something like {\normalfont\itshape <stuff>}.

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There is no environment tiny. There is a command \tiny. The same can be achieved with \bfseries: \newenvironment{foo}{\bfseries}{}

I think it's important to mention a fact which is mostly unknown: Don't use font commands as environments.


Let me start with a small example and the unwanted output:


enter image description here

What happened

First you can see the different line spacing. In the first example (the correct one) \begin{quote}\tiny\blindtext\end{quote} the command \par is executed with the font size \tiny. So the space is correct. In the second example \begin{quote}\begin{tiny}\blindtext\end{tiny}\end{quote} the inner environment makes a local switch to \tiny and the closing \par by quote uses the default font size. So the complete paragraph is getting the wrong spacing.

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