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I am trying to typeset a table indicating various kinds of $\subset$ relations for objects in a grid. Is there a way to obtain a subset symbol that applies vertically, between objects where one is above the other? Detexify doesn't seem to have a symbol like this, although there are many vertical arrow-like objects in the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List.

This can be done by drawing a picture (e.g. with TiKZ or Xy-pic), or one could apply a rotation somehow to a standard "horizontal" symbol. I would be happy with a solution that only worked with PDF files.

Is there a "best practice" for rotating individual symbols?

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The graphics package also lets you rotate boxes, as explained in Section 7.2 of Lamport's LaTeX: A document preparation system. You use \rotatebox{x}{text}, where x is a specified angle in the positive (counterclockwise) direction with the "positive x-axis", which extends horizontally from the basepoint of the box that contains text.

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A quick way: you could use \cap and \cup.

For rotating I would use \rotatebox of the graphicx package.

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Unfortunately I need subset-like symbols, like \sqsubseteq and \subsetneq. I'll take a look at \rotatebox. – András Salamon Aug 10 '10 at 18:48

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