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Does anyone know if there is a LaTeX class which implements the new (2013) europass cv?

I could not find anything on the web and I am thinking to start writing it myself but I want to make sure that there is nothing like that around. This question was already asked in Europass 2013 Curriculum Vitae and apparently no such class existed up to 4 October.

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I have been looking at that myself and started work on a new europecv package with the new template but real work got in the way. I have made the new icons into a font and was looking at either reworking the current package or using moderncv as a staring point. The problem with the current europecv package is the lack of straight forward support for things like xelatex/lualatex/biblatex... Other things I would like to correct is fact that the current package does not use the standard sectioning method. So yeah work in progress from my part and maybe someone else will beat me to it –  ArTourter Dec 21 '13 at 15:27

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