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I have a pretty long presentation: a course comprising a couple of hundreds frames. Occasionally, I go over the presentation, notice a few corrections in distinct frames.

Fixing these requires a number of iterations to find the most pleasing placement of objects, texts, and figures. Needless to say, running LaTeX on the entire presentation is time consuming.

Instead, I mark the slides with label=current and use includeonlyframes{current} which renders only the current slides. However, I get the annoying

 LaTeX Warning: There were multiply-defined labels.

Is there a more civilized way of managing the workflow. It seems too cumbersome to mark each slide with a different label, and then enumerate the labels in the includeonlyframes command.

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For exactly this purpose I use the comment package to comment out parts I do not want to compile. See also tex.stackexchange.com/questions/17816/… –  Daniel Jan 1 at 20:30
I usually prepare a few frames in a separate file that has only the preamble in common with the main one; cross references are not a problem during the preparation of the presentation. When they're ready, I transfer them to the main file; the same idea can be used for fixing some of the already finished ones. –  egreg Jan 1 at 22:32
It is only a warning. I just ignore it: I know exactly what is causing the warning and I know that it does not matter at this point in my workflow. When I have things as I like, I remove the labels, comment the includeonlyframes and reprocess. Only at this point do I pay attention to warnings of this kind. Civilisation is overrated! –  cfr Jan 1 at 22:42
you could also look at the standalone bundle- a demonstration for beamer is given in tex.stackexchange.com/questions/73829/… for example –  cmhughes Jan 2 at 2:59
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