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For my List of Acronyms page, I'd like the explanation of the acronym (i.e. "List Abbreviations Here" in the example below) to be a bit more on the right.

List of Acronyms

I'm using a thesis template, which obviously has class file (.cls) file attached to it and I don't want to fiddle too much with that although I guess that is how I will effect such a change. I dont want suggestions to install the nomenclature or glossary packages as I'm a bit too nervous to try out the packages, because every time I attempt to install a new package, everything else seems to be adversely affected.

Code from the .cls file:

 \newcommand\listsymbolname{List of Acronyms}

Code from .tex file:

\setstretch{1.5}  % Set the line spacing to 1.5, this makes the following tables easier to read
\clearpage  % Start a new page
\lhead{\emph{List of Acronyms}}  % Set the left side page header to "Abbreviations"
\listofsymbols{ll}  % Include a list of Abbreviations (a table of two columns)
\textbf{LAH} & \textbf{L}ist \textbf{A}bbreviations \textbf{H}ere \\
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It happens not to matter here, but in general you should provide a minimal working example. For some questions the answers will depend on your class, for example, and we don't have it. – Gilles Jan 3 '14 at 13:19
Yes, I contemplated providing a MWE here but as you pointed out, not sure how I could have provided a MWE in this instance! :) – Chris Jan 3 '14 at 13:33

Try changing the first argument of \listofsymbols in the .tex file to

\listofsymbols{l @{\hspace{1cm}} l}
 \textbf{LAH} & \textbf{L}ist \textbf{A}bbreviations \textbf{H}ere \\

You can modify the length 1cm to whatever suits your needs.

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Thanks, perfect! – Chris Jan 3 '14 at 13:32

You can use the @ table preamble specifier to replace the inter-column space by spacing or other commands of your choosing. Instead of \listofsymbols{ll}, use e.g.


You may want to use the p specifier instead of l for the right column, so as to allow expansions to be formatted as a multi-line paragraph. This requires hard-coding the width of the column. For a one-time thing, adjust the width manually so that the table is just wide enough to fit on the page.


The tabularx package provides tables where you can use the X specifier instead of l to get a column that will be formatted as a multi-line paragraph and that will use whatever horizontal space it can grab. Unfortunately, it is not completely straightforward to combine longtable and tabularx functionality; see Is it possible to use tabularx inside a longtable environment?

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