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This is my environment for the certificate:


This is my certificate layout:

\renewenvironment{cert}{\begin{alwayssingle} \thispagestyle{empty}
  {\Large \bfseries  Certificate}

And these rules for certificate ending:

        \hbox to.5\linewidth{Place: #2\hfil}%
        \hbox to.5\linewidth{Date: #4\hfil}%

And this is the cerificate:

Certified that the dissertation entitled \dots
\vspace{0.1 in}

\guideending{Mr. John Doe}{Some Place}{Lecturer in Something}{15 April 2011}
{Some College}
\centerline{\textbf{Approved and forwarded to Some University}}
\guideending{Some Dean}{Some Place}{Dean}{20 April 2011}
{Some College}
%\vspace{0.05 in}
\textbf{Examiner's Signature \\}
1. \\
2. \\

My issue is: there is huge space at top of the certificate. But the ending goes to the next page. So how can I reduce blank space at the top and make the ending remain on the same page?

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This is a mess. What is alwayssingle for? (Are you sure you need it?) Why are you using the quote environment? Why does your final snippet begin with \begin{cert} and end with \end{abstract}? Take as much of the spacing out of the final cert environment as you can, and put it all in auxiliary macros that you call within cert. – Matthew Leingang Apr 9 '11 at 12:54
@Mathew \end{abstract} is my mistake. In my actual tex file I have quite illogical names. To make my question simple I modified it before posting. I have corrected it now.alwayssingle is to make it single column even if the main document is in multiple columns. – nixnotwin Apr 9 '11 at 13:45
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You are explicitly introducing vertical space at the top by using \vspace*{1cm} and the center environment in the definition of the cert environment; you can use something like this instead:

  {\centering\Large\bfseries  Certificate\par}
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Thank you, it worked. – nixnotwin Apr 10 '11 at 2:15

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