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I am using the cleveref package and I am very happy with it. However, I encountered one problem I wasn't able to solve. I am probably just not combining the syntax correctly. This is highly connected to the question already asked, here: Crossreference in Ref Range [(1a-1e) to (1a-e)] I am sorry if this is already answered.

The above thread explains how to reference ranges of subequations (or floats) like 1a to e, rather than the default 1a to 1e. I would like to have the same feature for a pair of references combined by an "and", namely: 1a and b rather than the default 1a and 1b.

Here is a MWE:


\crefmultiformat{figure}{figs.~#2#1#3}{ and~#2#1#3}{, #2#1#3}{ and~#2#1#3}

  \caption{\label{fig:1}my figures}

Referencing a range works as wanted and gives figs. 1a-b: \cref{subfig:1a,subfig:1b,subfig:1c,subfig:1d}.\\
But, referencing a pair gives \cref{subfig:1a,subfig:1b}, rather than the desired figs. 1a and b.\\ 


I think combining \crefstripprefix together with \crefmultiformat{figure} (which I use in the MWE to remove the "()") could give me the desired result. But I am not able to get the correct syntax to make this work, since I am pretty unfamiliar with the deep-down latex syntax.

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