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I want to use a font available in TeX that have the following features:

  1. Sans
  2. g is as usual sans g
  3. a likes uprighted italic math $a$ ɑ
  4. with ā á ǎ à and the like for o, e, i, u, ü, AOEIUÜ
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Avantgarde suffie. Add \usepackage{avant} to use it.

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It seems fine, albeit a little fat. – Ma Ming Apr 14 '11 at 21:12

If you want to use a sans serif font for your main text and for math, try the mathastext package. shows many examples of the usage.

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You must be looking for a Pinyin font, right?

  • The Monaco font on the Mac has all the features you want.
  • If you cannot obtain Monaco, SimHei will also do, except that you’ll need to use U+0251 and U+0261 for upright script a and g, respectively.
  • If you don’t stick with criteria 2) and 3), Arial Unicode MS would be another alternative.
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