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For some reason the arrow between S/V/NP and V'V is not drawn. I have no idea why ...


\tikzset{every roof node/.append style={inner sep=0.1pt,text height=2ex,text depth=0.3ex}}


$\left\langle\mbox{\scshape #1}\right\rangle$}%


level 1+/.style={level distance=3\baselineskip},
frontier/.style={distance from root=15\baselineskip},
        [.\node (NP) {NP}; bogen ]
        [.\node (S/NP) {S/NP};
          [.{V \sliste{ S//V }} 
            [.V læser$_k$ ] ]
           [.\node (S//V/NP) {S/V/NP};
             [.NP Jens ]
             [.\node (V/V) {V$'$V};
               [.{V//V}  trace ]
               [.\node (NP/NP) {NP/NP}; trace ] ] ] ] ] ]
\draw[connect] (NP/NP.north east) [bend right] to (V/V.south east);
\draw[connect] (V/V.north east) [bend right] (S//V/NP.south east);
\draw[connect] (S//V/NP.north east) [bend right] to (S/NP.east);
\draw[connect] (S/NP.north east) [bend right] to (NP);

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Just a curious question: why are you naming the node by (S//V/NP) with double slash if its contents is {S/V/NP} with single slash (between S and V)? – Sigur Jan 25 '14 at 13:28
This is what the node was in the original example, I simplified the stuff in the tree but left it in the node labels. Linguistically this tree does not make sense ... – Stefan Müller Jan 25 '14 at 14:39
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It is missing to between the nodes (V/V.north east) and (S//V/NP.south east)

\draw[connect] (V/V.north east) [bend right] to (S//V/NP.south east);

enter image description here


What do you think to change some anchors to obtain new arrows, as below?

enter image description here

\draw[connect] (NP/NP.north east)   [bend right] to (V/V.east);
\draw[connect] (V/V.north east)     [bend right]    (S//V/NP.east);
\draw[connect] (S//V/NP.north east) [bend right] to (S/NP.east);
\draw[connect] (S/NP.north west)    [bend right] to (NP);
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Well, yes in principle your suggestion looks better, but the idea is to connect the NPs. I asked in another question about a way to do this, but this seems to be impossible with tikz-qtree. – Stefan Müller Jan 25 '14 at 14:37

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