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I am using the list environment \begin{itemize}\end{itemize} in pdflatex with several \item inside. I want to make each line from inside the environment "itemize" longer so that the length is 1.25\linewidth. I used for this the \begin{minipage}\end{minipage} command, e.g.

\section*{Section 1} 
\item here some text in Section 1
\item here some more text Section 1
\item here even some more text Section 1

\section*{Section 2}
\item here some text Section 2
\item here some more text Section 2
\item here even some more text Section 2

Still, between the two sections I have a lot of extra white space. How can I avoid this white space between the 2 minipages? Is there some other way to make each line from inside the itemize environment longer than to use minipage?

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestion.

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don't define a height for the minipages!

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