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I'm trying to use the package IEENTranN with natbib for the references in my thesis document. I'm writing in Spanish so I would like, for instance, that when I cite a proceedings instead of "in IEEE 2005" it appear "en IEEE 2005", that is the translation for this.

Before I was using the aplain.bst style, that was aware of these changes in the bibliography but I need to write the thesis with the IEEE citation standard. Do you know if there is a workaround for this?

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Copy the file IEEEtranN.bst, located in /bibtex/bst/IEEEtran of your TeX distribution, to your working directory and rename it to, say, myIEEEtranN.bst. (If you want to make your style available for multiple documents, the file should go in a corresponding folder of TEXMFHOME, the directory used for your own individual installations.) In the renamed copy, search for the section "STRING CONSTANTS". Here, you should see functions like

FUNCTION {bbl.in}{ "in" }

Replace the above code line with

FUNCTION {bbl.in}{ "en" }

Do so for every function where the string needs to be translated (there are about two dozen functions). Compile your .tex document using \bibliographystyle{myieeetrann} – your bibliography entries should display the translated strings.

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