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I have a variable that contains a long list of keywords, e.g.:

\keywords{computers, business, biology, fine art, literature, zoology}

I need to make an if-then statement that checks for the presence of a particular keyword, e.g.:

IF "zoology" IN keywords

How can I check if a variable contains a particular keyword in plain TeX?

  • I can change the format of \keywords, e.g. \keywords{computers biology fine_art}, if that will be easier to implement.
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The following example uses package kvsetkeys to get a parser for lists with comma separated entries:

\input kvsetkeys.sty % parser for comma separated lists
\input ltxcmds.sty % helper macros

\catcode`\@=11 % \makeatletter

% \testkeywordinlist{keyword}{keyword list}{true}{false}
\catcode`\@=12 % \makeatother

\def\keywords{computers, business, biology, fine art, literature, zoology}

  \immediate\write16{* "zoology" found.}%
  \immediate\write16{* "zoology" not found.}%



  • "zoology" found.
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