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So I have one tex file that compiles smoothly here at my office, but when I open it at home (I use google drive and dropbox), the same file shows an error in compiling. Another difference: Suppose I add a new package, at home I see a window opening asking me to load the package but here at office it does it automatically. I suspect something has to do with different MiXTeX versions but I am not sure so I thought maybe you guys could help me out with this?

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the most likely problem is (as you say) different versions. another possibility is that you update miktex more regularly at one place or another, and you are seeing a difference in a package that has been updated. HOWEVER ... without concrete evidence of what it is that you write, that causes problems, guesses like the above are all that we can offer. so: show us a minimal example -- a paragraph or so that fails in one place and works in the other. – wasteofspace Jan 28 '14 at 11:57
@wasteofspace: Thanks for the comment. I am at work right now...so far, so good. Shall revert back as soon as I am on my laptop. Cheers – Abhimanyu Arora Jan 28 '14 at 12:06

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