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I know that a document with pstricks code can be compiled with pdflatex -shell-escape using auto-pst-pdf so that one may enjoy the power of pstricks while using microtype at the same time.

Can a powerdot presentation (which uses pstricks) be compiled in the same way, or must one resort to using latex+dvips+ps2pdf in this case?

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I am using powerdot and compilation process ( in TexMaker: Latex + dvips + viewPS) takes so long (about 75s) It is very annoying when you have to wait 75s each time you want to see your changes in the text.... DVI is unreadable :) and Latex + dvips + ps2pdf + view PDF takes even 15s longer :) Is there any option to shorten this time? I tried Led... Still compilation time to PDF is unacceptable. Any thoughts? – user11697 Feb 12 '12 at 9:19
@AdiSilesian Welcome to TeX.sx! Your question won't be seen by many people here, so it would be best to repost it as a fresh question. Follow-up questions like this are more than welcome! Please use the "Ask Question" link for your new question; there you can link to this question to provide the background. – lockstep Feb 12 '12 at 9:48
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it is not possible to run powerdot with pdflatex and also not with xelatex, it is completely based on PSTricks. However, using microtype in a presentations is no real advantage, too less text ...

And using PSTricks together with the presentation class beamer and xelatex is possible.

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