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Say I have the following function which I would like to plot.


While I could specify it in the \addplot command, I was just wondering whether there might be a more efficient method where I could label it in some sense (since it is already mentioned in the document) and call it by a macro.

In fact I would like to see how it changes by differing values of the parameters additionally.

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There is no way to plot a function which is prepared for math typesetting. You will need to replicate the function by means of something like

\pgfmathdeclarefunction{S}{1}{\valueP * (\alphaH + \valueZ * \alphaW) / (\valueP*(\alphaH + \valueZ * \alphaW) + \betaH + \valueZ * \betaW)}



you can also declare a function with more than one argument instead of defining constants.

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